What a fabulous Giving Tree Village! The trees were beautiful, the crowds were huge and the donations abundant!
Thank you all so much for being a part of the 2023 Giving Tree Village! Thanks to all of our sponsors, tree decorators, nonprofits, visitors, voters and the many, many volunteers it takes to make this event possible. You are our heroes! It is only possible when we all work together.

You did a fabulous job!

Rotary Club of Davidson is busy counting tickets/donations from the visitors during Christmas in Davidson. Remember the voting is open through the end of today. Do your final push to your supporters.

Here is what happens next:
The prizes will be announced by a press release to the News of Davidson and Lake Norman Citizen and via social media, in an email to our sponsors and nonprofit participants and in a blog post like this one on December 9th .

The checks will be mailed out on or around December 11th . Around that time, we will also send an email to each nonprofit and sponsor to share with you your total donation.

The trees will remain on the Town Green until Tuesday, December 12th . You may begin to remove the decorations from your tree on December 10th, and please have your tree completely undecorated by December 12th, If you would like to help the Rotary Club of Davidson remove the trees, meet us on the Town Green at noon on December 12th . We would love your help and, if you are interested, you may take your tree to a new home!