Rotary Club of Davidson is excitedly awaiting the arrival of the Christmas trees for the
Giving Tree Village!
Here are a few things to remember:

 The trees will be ready to decorate on Sunday, November 26 th .
 Join us for Rotary Club of Davidson sponsored decorating party starting at 1 p.m
on November 26 th !
 Have a decorating plan – you don’t want an undecorated tree in the Village!
 The trees must be decorated by Wednesday, November 29 th at noon!

Tree Signs and Maps
Your permanent sign will be waiting for you on Sunday at the Giving Tree Village.
This year, Rotary Club of Davidson will have a map of the trees so visitors can easily
find the tree they are looking for. The location of your tree has been chosen at random,
they are not in alphabetical order this year. For this reason, the trees and signs must
NOT be moved or switched out to a new location or tree! It will mess up the map
completely and we will all be left hunting for the tree of our favorite nonprofit or sponsor!
If you move your sign or tree, your nonprofit will forfeit the $200 minimum
donation from the Rotary Club of Davidson.

Remember this when decorating your tree:
The trees are provided by the Rotary Club of Davidson. We have requested 6–7-
foot trees this year. Keep your fingers crossed!
There will be electricity provided to each tree – make sure the plug in is at the
bottom of the tree so we can plug it into the electrical strip.
Weatherproof your tree decorations – the wind will blow; the rain will fall. Make sure
your decorations are able to withstand it all!
The sign for your tree will be provided by the Rotary Club of Davidson. It will
include the name of the nonprofit, a short description of the nonprofit, the name of the
sponsor and a QR Code which will direct the voter directly to the specific tree/nonprofit
to place their vote/donation.
 Note: As there are over 60 trees in the village, tree decor is limited to the general
circumference of the tree branches.