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KennedyStrong Foundation

KennedyStrong Foundation

We are changing the systems and structures that provide opportunity to many, but not to all, to extend opportunity for everyone. We are working with organizations, families, businesses, local and national non-profits on three focus areas: inclusion, integration and awareness for those with diversabilities. Our integrated and inclusive summer camps are a great place to start. We are teaching elements of inclusion and acceptance through turn taking, parallel play, and following directions using kickball, flag football and other fun outdoor physical activities as our medium. In the end, all campers come away with new skills and a desire to celebrate each other. Our future vision is an interdependent community hub where 150 individuals with diversabilities live as independently as possible and can access meaningful work.



South Lake Pediatric Dentistry

At South Lake Pediatric Dentistry, We Believe in Making Kids Happy, One Healthy Smile at a Time!

You are donating funds via votes through The Giving Tree Village. This fundraiser is brought to you by Rotary Club of Davidson as part of Christmas In Davidson. No product will be shipped or purchased. You may buy as many votes as you'd like. Thank you for giving generously!

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