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IGNITE is a unique "peer-to-peer" community center for young adults with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome transitioning into adulthood. IGNITE offers activities and educational groups that foster independence and social interaction. Members work toward financial, educational, and employment success. IGNITE is a place where members come together to share ideas, learn practical skills, build friendships, and feel comfortable being themselves.



Jily’s is a local sweet shoppe offering desserts in a jar and freeze dried candy. Jily’s is sharing kindness in the community by bring people together through dessert. As Jily’s expands, they will be working with people with different abilities to gain work and social skills and employment.

You are donating funds via votes through The Giving Tree Village. This fundraiser is brought to you by Rotary Club of Davidson as part of Christmas In Davidson. No product will be shipped or purchased. You may buy as many votes as you'd like. Thank you for giving generously!

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