Giving Tree Village FAQ

How does the Giving Tree Village Work?

  • Every tree in the Giving Tree Village (approximately 60 trees) is sponsored and decorated by individuals and local businesses in support of local non-profits.
  • Each tree represents a collaboration between a local business and a local non-profit.
  • Each year approximately 30,000 individuals walk through the Giving Tree Village to view the beautifully decorated trees and vote for their favorite tree/non-profit.
  • Each vote generates a donation for the specific charity associated with the tree. The amount of the charity receives is based on the number of votes they receive.
  • Additionally, cash awards are distributed to the local non-profits based on the voting. The cash awards are funded by Corporate Sponsors, MainStreet Match participants and Tree sponsors.

What sponsor options are available to participate?

  • Businesses have three options to participate in the Giving Tree Village.
    • Sponsor the event – donate directly to multiple non-profits of your choice. Sponsorship cost is negotiable.
    • Sponsor a tree – select a local non-profit to sponsor and design and decorate a themed tree together with the non-profit. Sponsorship cost: $325.
    • Mainstreet Match – Mainstreet organization to collectively match the minimum of $5.00 with a small dollar amount ($.25, $.50, $.75, $1.00) for each unique voter.

What are the next steps after sponsoring a tree?

  • Each business sponsor needs to reach out to their non-profit partner and develop a plan to decorate and market their tree.
  • Marketing your tree is important as the more votes your tree receives the more funding dollars for the charity. Reaching out to supporters and fans helps to market your tree.


Tree Decorating

When will the trees be available to decorate?

  • Trees will be set up at the Davidson Town Green on Saturday, November 25th and available to be begin decorating on Sunday, November 26th.
  • All trees must be decorated no later than Wednesday, November 29th.   

    Who is responsible for decorating the trees?

    • Either the business, the non-profit partner or both or both organizations are responsible for decorating their tree.
    • Tree decorators are free to be creative in decorating their tree.
    • Sponsors and non-profits are responsible for providing lights for the trees and the tree decorations. Electrical power and tree spotlights will be provided.
    • As there are many trees in the village, it is important to limit the tree décor to the general circumference of the tree branches.

      Tree Decorating Tips.

      • Double check all lights before decorating your tree.  Power will not be available until Wednesday night, November 30th. Leave the male end at the bottom of the tree with enough length to plug into our extension cords.  This is critical.  
      • Keep in mind it's often windy & could rain or even snow. Note: The Rotary Club of Davidson and the City of Davidson do not bear any responsibility for tree decor.

      What will be included in the tree signage?

      • To ensure proper recognition and consistency throughout the village, the Rotary Club of Davidson will provide signage at each tree noting the Business Sponsor and the associated Non-Profit. No other signage will be permitted.  
      • QR codes will be provided to visitors to visit the non-profit website to learn more about the organization.

        How long will the trees stay up in the village?

        • The trees will be on display for the first 15 days of December.
        • The Giving Tree Village will remain up until Wednesday, December 13th. All trees are to remain fully decorated throughout this time. The Rotary Club of Davidson and the Town of Davidson do not want any trees to be left unadorned, marring the overall look of the Giving Tree Any organizations undecorating their tree early may not be invited to participate in future Giving Tree Village events.

        Who is responsible for tree removal?

        • Business sponsors and non-profits are free to take their tree after the event.
        • Each business sponsor and non-profit partner are responsible for undecorating their tree. All decorations will need to be removed between December 13th and Noon December 14th.
        • Any trees not undecorated by Noon December 14th will be removed and all decorations discarded.

        How to remove the trees?

        • The proper tools will be needed to remove the trees. Bring gloves, a power drill and hammer.
        • Once the decorations and lights are removed from the trees, unscrew the screws enough from the four base supports of the tree so they are out of the tree. Then tip the tree over.
        • The tree base is spiked into the ground but with a little rocking, the tree can be easily tipped over.
        • The tree base is also spiked into the tree. With several hard hits with a hammer, the tree base can be dislodged from the tree. Please leave the base and spikes as they will be reused again next year.

        Do I need to market my tree?

        • It is important that each business and associated non-profit market their tree to gain visibility.
        • More visibility garners more votes resulting in more donations.
        • Market the Giving Tree Village event to customers, donors, family, and friends
        • Send your contacts to to buy votes for your tree.
        • Note: If you fail to market your tree, you may not meet your fundraising goal.


        Tree Voting

        How does the voting for a tree work?

        • Voting will be done both in-person at the Giving Tree Village or online at 2022 Trees
        • In-person voting is available during Christmas in Davidson, December 30th through 2nd, 2023. Each in-person vote is $1.00 with a minimum purchase of $5.00. Note: Credit cards are the only form of payment for in-person voting at the Giving Tree Village event.
        • Online voting will be available until December 7th, at midnight 2023. Each online vote costs $5.15.
        • 100% of the votes (funds) earned by each tree during the Giving Tree Village event will be donated to the associated non-profit. In addition to donated funds, cash prizes will be awarded.


        Prizes this year include:

        Most dollars in votes

        First Place: $750

        Second Place: $500

        Third Place: $300

        The highest number of votes

        First Place: $750

        Second Place: $500

        Third Place: $300

        Superlatives- $500 each prize winner!

        Most Educational

        Most Creative


        Kids Favorite (kids get a free ticket to place their vote)