Giving Tree Village is a premier event sponsored by the Rotary Club of Davidson in support of all non-profits across the local community during the Christmas in Davidson celebration the first weekend in December. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Giving Tree Village fundraiser has become one of the most widely attended attractions during Christmas in Davidson.

Giving Tree Village Purpose

  • Bring the Community together in support of over 70 diverse non-profits
  • Create public visibility across a broad range of local non-profits and businesses
  • Provide needed funding for small community-based non-profits
  • Build lasting connections between businesses and non-profits

Why Participate?

  • Thousands of Christmas in Davidson attendees walk through the Giving Tree Village to view the decorated trees and vote for their favorite tree/non-profit
  • 30,000+ visitors attend Christmas in Davidson during the 3-day festival
  • The entire Davidson Main Street Square dedicated to the Giving Tree Village
  • Giving Tree Village decorated trees and signage remain on Main Street for 7+ days for additional donations

How does the Christmas Tree Village Work?

  • The Village of Christmas Trees (approximately 70 trees) donated by individuals and local businesses are decorated and on display for the first 10 days of December.
  • Each tree represents a collaboration between a local business and a local non-profit.
  • Each year approximately 20,000 individuals walk through the Giving Tree Village to view the beautifully decorated tress and vote for their favorite tree/non-profit.
  • Votes generate a minimum of $5.00 for the specific charity associated with the tree.
  • Voting categories include most unique decorations, best theme, most colorful, best handmade (DIY) decorations, and most whimsical.
  • Cash awards funded by the Corporate, MainStreet and Tree sponsors are distributed to the local non-profits based on the voting categories. The funds distribution also includes the most popular tree.